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Detailed Analysis and Process Improvement


You have a number in mind.  You know how much gross you expect out of your fixed operations, but you haven’t gotten there yet.  The frenetic pace of your business amid a rapidly changing landscape easily lends itself to repeating the same steps, month after month, yielding the same results.


Now, perhaps more than ever, you rely on your service and parts departments to be operating at their best.  

With decades of experience, Peak Dealer Solutions works alongside your team to maximize the profit potential that already exists and to identify opportunities for growth.  The initial consultation and assessment are FREE. 

Please read below to learn more about our philosophy and services or contact me directly with any questions. 

I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Mitch Cooper

Fixed Ops Coach & President

Peak Dealer Solutions

These Four Pillars of your dealership operations drive the profitability, customer satisfaction and retention, and referrals for your service and parts departments.  Peak Dealer Solutions provides the answers you need to improve results and grow your business, through detailed analysis and expertise in process improvement.




Process Development, Training, and Implementation

If your team is operating without detailed, written processes, they’re “driving” without a navigation system and will ultimately lose their way.  This is costly, in terms of missed opportunities for increased labor & parts sales, lower customer satisfaction & retention, and increased liability risk.  Peak Dealer Solutions can assist your managers in developing and implementing detailed processes that drive consistency, efficiency, and excellence in every customer interaction at your dealership.


Fixed Operations Performance 

Our comprehensive approach includes completing an in-depth review of current service and parts processes, financial statement and DMS report review and analysis, observation, and a detailed repair order survey (if applicable).  On the final day, we will meet to discuss the results, analysis, and recommendations, and assist you in developing your strategy for improved profitability.   Support continues for your team even after the project is completed.  Your gains are the ultimate measure of our success.

Ala Carte Services

Peak Dealer Solutions offers expertise to assist you in any of the following key areas:

  • Increasing service and parts department profitability

  • Written process development, training, and implementation

  • Process improvement and industry best practices

  • Mentoring, training, and coaching managers & staff

  • Customer satisfaction & retention process and CSI results

  • Warranty audits and claims administration 



Mitch is extremely detail oriented and follows through on everything you ask of him, and things you don't even think about.  He always has time to answer questions and take care of the needs of the dealership.  

In all my time with Mitch, the one quality I think stands above the rest is his desire for my store to do well.  He truly wants to help and make us a better Parts and Service department.  He always has our best interest in mind first! Very high-quality person!

Jerry Zmyslo, Dealer Principal, Salt Lake Mitsubishi

I think my crew learned more from Mitch in a few meetings about how to operate the system and succeed in fixed ops than we had known before.  Thank you very much.

Lary F. Cammisa, Cammisa Automotive Inc. Modesto, CA



People are the greatest asset of any organization.

Surrounding yourself with the right people, providing them with the tools they need to perform at their peak, and then retaining them is paramount to  your success.



Detailed, written processes that are clearly communicated to all members of your team promote consistency, efficiency, and excellence, thereby increasing customer and employee satisfaction while improving your bottom line.



"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing."  - Warren Buffet

Training answers the what, why, and how questions in every single task your people perform.



Nobody in your dealership communicates more with the highest number of your customers than your service staff. 

Effective communication builds trust and rapport, inspires confidence, and plants the seeds for long-term growth.



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